Evaluating the Impact of AI on Law

Neil Sahota, an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations Emerging Technology Advisor, and a Professor at UC Irvine is the AI expert who understands how and why we need to stop being concerned that artificial intelligence will take over our world. With over 20 years of business experience, Neil inspires clients and business partners to foster innovation and develop next generation products and solutions – all powered by AI.

Law firms are not immune to this global transformation. However, resistance still abounds with some law firms which still find data as something to be avoided, usually because they are unclear on where the value actually is. With an evidence on burden of proof, evidence and analysis, AI adoption could be a powerful asset for most firms. The time is now to join the practice of law with the business of delivering legal services. Data can be turned into information which then provide insights. This is what clients are seeking from their counsels today.

Examples of the practical usea of AI that the competition is already successfully using include:

  • Creating fixed fees easily and successfully
  • Jury selection
  • Talent – how to get and keep the best
  • Deposition reviews

The Practice of Law is Changing

Law firms can no longer sit back and wonder if AI will disrupt how their firms are practicing law and delivering services to their clients. There are too many AI success stories and forward-thinking firms leading the pack solving clients’ business problems. Neil engages audiences with practical examples and solutions to help firms adopt the changing landscape of the practice of law.

In the spring of 2019, Neil’s book, Own the A.I. Revolution, stunned readers with story laden inspiring successes and plain speak strategies that overcome concerns that many feel about AI. Neil teaches readers just how to unlock AI strategies to disrupt their competition.

Neil’s talks are tailored for each specific audience offering meaningful, relevant, and actionable take-aways. He focuses on the “3 Es” of AI:

  1. Education – building awareness and understanding on what is AI.
  2. Empowerment – providing the guidance and frameworks so (non-technical) people can identify and pursue opportunities.
  3. Enablement – exposing the tools and techniques to start creating a solution.

Neil has several offerings. Depending on your law firm’s needs:

  • Give a TED-style talk that focuses on one specific topic (15 minutes)
  • Deliver a keynote address based on the theme/outcomes of your event (30-90 minutes)
  • Conduct a tactical workshop in which your participants will walk away with a completed deliverable and actionable plan (0.5 – 3 days)

Legal Presentation Focus Areas

  • What is AI?
    • The definition of AI
    • What does AI do
    • What does AI not do
  • Examples on how AI is already in use for legal services:
    • Legalmation
    • Watson Debator
    • eBrevia
    • ROSS
    • Other examples

  • What does AI mean for legal services?
    • Practice of law
    • Legal operations
    • Policy, regulation, legislation
    • Future of work
    • Client engagement
  • Challenges of AI:
    • Good data availability
    • Training and domain experts
    • Bias
    • Building a successful team
    • Thinking differently

Legal Speaking Events

(Past 12 Months)

  • Welcome to the Present: AI & the Law for the University of California (Aug 2019)
  • The Future of Law: Practice and Profession for APAC (July 2019)
  • Fostering Peace and Justice with AI for UNICRI (July 2019)
  • Impact of AI for the Legal Professions for LOT Network (May 2019)
  • Uber Yourself Before You Get Kodaked for Managing Partners Roundtable (May 2019)
  • Creating the Future Through Innovation for UC Irvine Law School (Apr 2019)
  • The Future of Social Good for United Nations (Feb 2019)
  • Disrupting Legal Services for Lawcadia (Feb 2019)
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Opportunity for Loyola Law School (Jan 2019)
  • CyberCop: AI is the cyber warrior for United Nations (Jan 2019)
  • Technology, Truth, and Trust for Knobbe Martens (Dec 2018)
  • UBERISING LAW: The Transformation of Law and Legal Practice for Bond University (Sep 2018)
  • Uber Yourself Before You Get Kodaked: AI Transforming Law for North American Legal Conference (Sep 2018)
  • Uber Yourself Before You Get Kodaked for APAC (July 2018)
  • Regulations & Technology: Finding the Right Balance for UN ITU GSR (July 2018)
  • The Intersection of AI, IoT, and CyberSecurity for UN ITU GSR (July 2018)