Meet Neil Sahota, AI Ethicist, United Nations Advisor and Author of Own The AI Revolution

Sahota has been featured in the Wall Street JournalBuzzFeed NewsBBC, Business Insider and many others. Recently, he appeared on KUSI San Diego News 9. He has spoken at a range of various speaking engagements, including a TEDxUCIrvine Talk and at the International Telecommunication Union’s Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) in Geneva. He is a designated Gravity Speaker, and was named one of the top A.I. speakers to have at your event by readwrite: he is also a Forbes contributor

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As a sought-after speaker and artificial intelligence subject matter expert, Neil routinely appears on broadcast segments across the country and in top-tier media outlets. Some publications he has been featured in include:

Industries of Disruption


The machine-learning tools available to healthcare professionals has never been a more dynamics landscape in need of analysis


Law firms can no longer sit back and wonder if Al will disrupt how their firms are practicing law and delivering services to their clients


Efforts to analyze and understand our planet through the power of Al is creating new opportunities for fighting problems like climate change


Today's markets are dominated by high-frequency trading algorithms that leverage more factors than any human can comprehend

Strategic Alliances

Over the years, Neil has helped clients across various industries and around the world in their pursuit of implementing viable Al solutions into their businesses.

Own the AI Revolution

By Neil Sahota & Michael Ashley

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is on the verge of disrupting every domain of human existence. What does that mean for your business? Everything. Building on the power of A.I. the factor that will determine success or failure in the very near future-and this in-depth guide from the man who designed the A.I. system that famously won Jeopardy provides everything you need to be a leader in this revolution.

Own the A.I. Revolution provides a future-forward look at A.I.-how it will look in the coming years, the countless business opportunities it will offer, the risks that come with it-and delivers the knowledge you need to navigate it all in real and practical ways.

"Think big picture,
start with small actions."