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Giedrė Ambrazevičiūtė

Chapter Manager
YPO Lithuania

Caren Shiozaki


You painted a picture of a brighter, healthier future for Africa, and for that, we are eternally grateful. The emotional depth and intellectual rigor you brought to the conference is appreciated. As we move forward, we are excited to keep the momentum going, building on the foundation we laid during the conference. Your involvement in this journey is vital, and we look forward to future collaborations, partnerships, and initiatives that will drive progress and innovation in public health across the African continent.
Agbolade Omowole
Longevity Nigeria
IEEE Bangalore Section, wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts of yours for delivering an awe-inspiring and enlightening Keynote as part of Bangalore Technology Conclave. We are thankful to you for sparing your valuable time and devoting it to offer guidance and impeccable knowledge on “ When will we ban Human Drivers? The Challenges and Opportunities with Ai ”. Please accept a token of gratitude from our end digitally. Thank you very much once again.
Puneet Kumar Mishra
Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section
Great event with Neil Sahota about IA. We could have a clear and complete view of what is the IA and it 's potential for good impact. The audience had a lot of questions and concern about this technology and Neil could give us answer to any of them with clear explanations and practicle examples. I highly recommend his participation for any event connected with IA
Nicolas Foubard
CEO-Founding Partner Cubic 33 Group
Neil Sahota provided a fascinating presentation for the New Mexico Technology Council’s experience IT Conference on November 5. He has a very personable style while he shared the impacts of Artificial Intelligence across many industries sectors from healthcare to cybersecurity to 3D Printing, along with interpersonal communication. With a forward-thinking perspective he shared many interesting examples of Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Disruption. He kept me on the edge of my seat and we’d love to have him back again!
Deborah L. Breitfeld, CEcD
Executive Director
New Mexico Technology Counci
Once again thank you very much! You shared with our Venezuelan entrepreneurs and business community what digital transformation can mean to develop our businesses and in the process you gave us as well the possibility to glance at a brighter future for our country. Our webinar was a great success and you are the reason behind it. We are receiving great comments from the entrepreneurs who attended the event. Thank you very much for taking the time to accompany us this morning and for sharing your knowledge, ideas and insightful comments. Look forward to working with you in a future opportunity.
Alberto Afiuni
Country Managing Partnery
Ernst & Young
As far as performance was concerned, A+ I really enjoyed the conversation, Neil packed punches into everything he said, and he also made an effort to speak for just the right amount of time, so we could maintain a conversational flow (unlike numerous guests I've had in the past who seem to love the sound of their own voices a little too much). Neil brought a lot of energy and wisdom to the show about all things AI, the risks, the opportunities and the future it poses. Thanks!""
Steve Glaveski
Future Squared
Thank you so much for accepting the invitation and delivering such a wonderful session at a very short notice. It was a great pleasure to have you speak and your session made us very conscious of everything we do with our limited AI exposure today such as speaking to bots, or assistants such as Alexa and Siri.
Manju Iyer
It was a great pleasure having Neil as a keynote speaker at the GCAIoT2020! His session was amazing, and it added great value to our event. Looking forward to brinin Neil back again in GCAIoT2020 that will take place during Expo2020/2021.
Mohamed Aboud
Co-Founder and CEO |Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Neil was very insightful and thought-provoking. He made the conversation engaging and flow effortlessly. Delighted to have had him on my podcast.
Tanveer Naseer
Leadership Biz Cafe with Tanveer Naseer
Neil was easy to speak to and was able to keep his response short and concise. I enjoyed having him on my show and would love to have him on for future episodes. It was great speaking with him about about AI and the future of technology. It was a fun interview and believe my listeners will benefit from hearing this one. Thanks!
Caleb King
People in Tech
Neil is a great podcast guest. He is enthusiastic, conversational, and generous with stories.
Bill Cushard
Helping Sells Radio
Thank you for today, it was fantastic and the feedback has been tremendous!
John Golden
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer
Pipelinersales Inc.