Everyone talks about thinking differently, but no one ever shows you how to do it.

TUCBO™ gives you the techniques, models, and tools to create innovative products, solve complex problems, and build viable ventures with meaningful, value-add innovation with an executable, disruptive idea, and well-thought-out execution plans.

I crafted TUCBO™ by examining how I generated disruption and value from my Global Fortune 500 clients. It is a tried-and-true framework with 20+ years of proven success.

The TUCBO™ workshop is focused on teaching your organization this framework to:

  1. Solve an immediate need
  2. Teach your organization to execute repeatedly this framework to address future organizational opportunities and threats

TUCBO™ stands for:


We think of innovation or disruptive thinking as an “aha moment”, but it is really a series of (hidden) dots connecting. To do this, we have three techniques: 

  • Repurpose/Multipurpose
  • Challenge Assumptions
  • Cultivate a Different
  • Perspective


We get locked into a mode of thinking not realizing we cannot see the forest through the trees. It is key to step out of your own shoes and look at something with a completely different perspective.

When you come up with a good idea you must be open to tweaking. Your idea is never perfect. You want to be able to vet your idea with people who are experts in some fashion, whether it be an investor, businessperson, etc.


An idea is an intangible thing. We must start the process of turning the intangible to tangible. How do we make our idea into reality? In effect, this is the art of the possible.

BE DIFFERENT – Actualization

It is not enough to think, create, build, different, we must be different. This means that whatever our product/service is, how we get out to market must be done differently. We must bring your marketers, distributors, realtors, colleagues, partners, into the fold for this new product/service. They need to understand not just what it is, but why it is special and the value it will bring to others.

OWN DIFFERENT – Sell (Normalize/Canonical)

Sell adoption both internally and externally to achieve success.

Now, there are three types of people/organizations employing TUCBO™:

  1. Innovators – the people who create new innovations/disruptions and build solutions for them (have the vision)
  2. Facilitators – the people/organizations/ecosystems who provide the support and resources to improve ideas (vet/refine the vision)
  3. Builders – the people/organizations who provide tools and expertise to implement the ideas (enable the vision)